This page we talk about serializers.

JSON Serializer

It is simple and fast. The downside is that it cannot serialize enough types of Python objects. For more details check out JSONSerializer.

Pickle Serializer

More Python types are supported. The downside is that it might be slower than JSON, unpickling can run arbitrary code, and using pickle to transfer data between programs in different languages is almost impossible, check out PickleSerializer.

Build Your Own Serializer

Subclass BaseSerializer, implement dumps() and loads().

Here is one simple example:

import json

from rc.serializer import BaseSerializer

class IterEncoder(json.JSONEncoder):

    def default(self, o):
           iterable = iter(o)
        except TypeError:
           return list(iterable)
        return json.JSONEncoder.default(self, o)

class MyJSONSerializer(BaseSerializer):
    """One serializer that uses JSON and support arbitrary iterators"""

    def dumps(self, obj):
        return json.dumps(obj, cls=IterEncoder)

    def loads(self, string):
        if string is None:
        return json.loads(string)