rc: the redis cache

RC: the redis cache

Welcome to rc’s documentation. Caching can be fun and easy. This is one library that implements cache system for redis in Python. It is for use with web applications and Python scripts. It comes with really handy apis for easy drop-in use with common tasks, including caching decorators. It can be used to build a cache cluster which has a routing system that allows you to automatically set cache on different servers, sharding can be really easy now. You can use it to batch fetch multiple cache results back, for a cluster, it even does the job in parallel, we fetch results from all servers concurrently, which means much higher performance.

It uses the redis server, which is a in-memory key-value data structure server. It does not implement any other backends like filesystem and does not intend to do so. Mostly we want to use a key-value server like redis, if you have special needs, it is easy to write one cache decorator that stores everything in memory using a dict or you can check out other libraries.

API Reference

This part of the documentation contains information on a specific function, class or method.

Additional Stuff

Changelog and license here if you are interested.